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About Jobo LS

Jobo Lights and Sets LTD is Ghana's Leader in designing, constructing and delivering the finest live event solutions

Started in 2013 solely as a  lighting design enterprise with a 6 Channel DMX controller and very little inventory we have grown into a company with multiple universes of control, media servers, staff etc and we are still growing!!!

Our clients include Joe Mettle, Joyful Way Incorporated, Standard Chartered Bank, Preye Odede, Bethel Revival Choir, Tim Godfrey and Onos Ariyo just to mention a few.


We strive to leave the client and audience in awe, exceeding their expectation, without distracting them from center stage. In view of this JOBO LS has gained the respect of its own competitors as well as event organizers, producers, and the likes.


No matter your lighting or set design needs, we are driven by that smile you will pass our way in appreciation for the excellent work done, and also by the pictures and videos the audience will take to capture the scene.


We have the will, the drive to fulfill our client’s desires. A strong dedication to your success! Over the years we have proven to be the leaders in technological control of intelligent lights within the industry. We even offer training sessions to teach other members in the industry on how to improve their works.


At JOBO LS, we believe that good work speaks for itself and it is that ethos that drives us to help you succeed at your event so we can also succeed.


We provide a wide range of products and services for theatre, corporate and special events, trade shows, schools, houses of worship, architectural applications, television, and film.


If you’ve never worked with JOBO LS, what are you waiting for? Give us a call, we are eager to speak to you and work with you on your event.


If you’re a returning customer, we’re glad you keep coming back to us! We value and appreciate your unflinching dedication to our service.

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